FAQ: Does B&Q Sell Asbestos Testing Kits?

B&Q Don't currently stock our asbestos testing kits. If you are looking to purchase a kit then you will need to do so via the asbestos-sampling.com online store.

Asbestos Testing Kits from only £49.95

Our asbestos testing kits provide you with a quick and easy way to send off a sample of suspect material to be tested for asbestos. Our full kits come with PPE, Postage & 24hr Lab Fee Included. You will receive a UKAS certificate of results

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Asbestos Testing Kits allow customers to take a sample of any material they suspect may contain asbestos and simply send off to our lab for analysis.

The full kits which we sell do contain all the PPE and instructions required to quickly, easily and safely take a sample.

Once the sample arrives at our UKAS accredited lab your certificate of results will shortly follow (within 24hrs, or same day with FastTrack service).

We do hope that DIY.com / B & Q decide to stock our kits in the near future. Until then we welcome you to checkout using our online store. 

We are constantly working with online retailers such as ToolstationScrewfix, B&Q and others in hope they come stockists of our products allowing for easy access for our customers.