Asbestos Removal Kit (Includes Safety PPE)

Asbestos Removal Kit (Includes Safety PPE)

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Our asbestos removal kits provide industry approved PPE (Personal protective equipment) including respirator and waste bags to allow for compliant disposal of any asbestos waste. The kit provides enough PPE for 1 person for 1 day.

The kit includes:

- Disposable Fold Flat FFP3 (Valved) Mask

- Disposable Cat 5/6 Type 3 Asbestos Coverall

- 5 x Large Red Asbestos Bags

- 5 x Large Clear Asbestos Bags

- Powder Free Nitrile Gloves.

Remember you should not attempt to remove asbestos yourself unless trained to do so. This PPE & RPE is sufficient for low grade non-licensed work. Removing asbestos can cause a risk to health if not adequately protected. Seek advice from the HSE website for asbestos abatement advice. Asbestos disposal requires a hazardous waste carriers license for commercial works.

How to wear the PPE

  • Step 1) Open up the bag containing the coveralls, put the suit on
  • Step 2) Put on the Nitrile gloves, and then using duct tape seal the sleeves of the tyvek suit to the gloves (this ensures that your hands and body are protected.
  • Step 3) Put the face mask over your head and using the straps ensure the mask cover the mouth and nose tightly.
  • Step 4) Whilst our kit doesn’t include goggles, overboots/booties its worth while wearing this extra safety equipment if you’re likely to get debris near the eyes / feet.

 This kit is eligible for FREE delivery.