Large Heavy Duty Asbestos Waste Bags (Pack of 20)

Large Heavy Duty Asbestos Waste Bags (Pack of 20)

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Pack of 20 Asbestos Waste Bags (10 x CLEAR & 10 x RED)

This pack contains 10 clear and 10 red asbestos waste bags. These bags are used to dispose of asbestos waste and are used by asbestos removal companies around the country.

Heavy Duty 30kg asbestos disposal bags, large (900mm x 1200mm)

Size 900 x1200 UN Certified UK Legislated for safe council approved Asbestos Waste removal. 

Both Red and Clear asbestos waste Bags supplied

Used by Asbestos Removal Companies

Asbestos Waste Must Be Double Bagged (Red & Clear)

When packaging asbestos waste for disposal it must be double bagged to ensure compliance. The waste must first be put into a red asbestos waste bag and then tightly sealed (using strong tape). This bag should then be placed inside a clear bag and sealed tightly again. This ensures there is minimal risk of the bags breaking preventing the release of any asbestos fibres. 

Its worth noting that only certain councils have local facilities to dispose of asbestos waste so its worth calling your local waste centre to ensure they accept asbestos before attempting to dispose there.

If your local council do not offer an asbestos waste disposal facility - call a local asbestos removal firm to assist you.