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      How Does It Work?

      1) Ordering your kit - Firstly you need to decide how many samples you are wanting to take. Our asbestos testing kits are designed to be used a single time at one property (If you are wanting to takes samples from different properties or at different times then you should purchase a new kit for each occasion). To decide which kit to purchase you'll need 1 sample per surface you wish to test. For example if you're looking to test the kitchen ceiling, kitchen floor tiles and dining room ceiling - Then you would require a 3 sample kit.

      2) Receiving your kit - Once you've checked out, your testing kit will be dispatched within 24 hours. When it does arrive you should open up the kit and ensure that all the contents is present. There is an instruction manual which will explain which items should be present before continuing.

      3) Follow the instructions - Whilst an obvious step, It is vitally important that the instructions are carefully read and understood. Not following the instructions correctly can result in your samples not being processed or significant delays. So take some time to read over the instructions and then follow them step by step. NOTE: Pay particular attention to the safety equipment section ensuring you're wearing the FFP3 Mask supplied. (PPE Only supplied with the full kit)

      4) Taking your samples - Depending on on the type of material you're about to sample you will need a suitable tool for extracting the sample. A chisel or knife is good for taking a scraping sample, or a pair of pliers are perfect for breaking a sample (e.g a floor tile or cement sheet sample). Full instructions of how to take a sample are detailed in the instructions provided.

      5) Completing the forms - Once the samples have been taken and sealed into the provided sample bags, you will be required to complete a sample submission form. This form contains information about where the sample was taken from and is used to determine what is printed on the certificate of results. NOTE: An important part of completing this form is obtaining a sample reference number (step 1) this should be written on the form and ensures that your results are automatically sent directly to you. Not following this step or entering an incorrect reference number will result in delays

      6) Sending your samples - Simply place the sample submission form into the pre-paid return envelope along with your samples and drop into your nearest post box or post office. Your samples should arrive with us within the next few days. (If your samples are urgent you can send them via special delivery to ensure they reach us the next day)

      7) Samples are processed - Once the lab receives your samples you will be notified via text message. Once you've received this text message you'll have your results emailed to you within 24 hours (or the same day if FastTrack has been purchased). The certificate will be emailed to you as a PDF document which can be printed for your convenience. The certificate contains a key explaining the findings.

      Do I have asbestos in my home?

      Asbestos was widely used in home construction from 1930 to around 2000, particularly from 1960 onwards. Houses/flats built around this time may contain asbestos materials. Properties built since the mid 80’s are unlikely to have asbestos in the fabric of the building and from 1990 extremely unlikely. Asbestos was outlawed in the UK in 1999.

      Where is asbestos found in the home?

      Asbestos was commonly used in many ways inside and outside of buildings:


      • Asbestos Cement (Water Tank)
      • Loose fill insulation (Loft)
      • AIB (Ceiling tiles, partition walls, panels in fire doors, around boilers)
      • Vinyl floor tiles
      • Textiles (Fire blankets)
      • Textured decorating coatings (Artex ceilings etc)


      • Asbestos Cement (Roof, panels, gutters and downpipes, flue pipes)
      • AIB (Soffits),

      If you would like some further information we have put together an guide showing you how to identify asbestos in your home.

      Is it safe to test asbestos suspected material?

      Our kits are designed to enable you to safely take a sample from suspected material. They come with complete instructions and Personal Protective Equipment, which meets and exceeds HSE criteria. We do not recommend using our kits to test sprayed coatings, contaminated land or pipe lagging.

      What can I test with this kit?

      Our kit is designed to enable you to safely take samples from the following materials, to name but a few:

      • Textured coatings (Artex)
      • Corrugated cement roofs and asbestos sheets
      • Walls and boards
      • Thermoplastic floor tiles and their adhesive backings
      • Wall boards and HVAC lining panels
      • Soffit, fascia and rainwater goods
      • External cladding panels
      • Boiler flues and water tanks
      • And window sills to name but a few…

      How much material do I need for a sample?

      You only need to submit a small sample, we recommend material the size of a 20 pence piece per sample.

      How long does it take for the results to come back?

      Results are usually tested on the day they are received at the lab, usually the day after postage. Certificates will be emailed out the same day as results given.

      What if the result is positive?

      If the result comes back positive we can offer advice on how to proceed over the phone or put you in contact with a local asbestos removal company.

      Is postage included?

      Yes! Postage to you is included, and we also provide prepaid 1st class return delivery for your sample.

      What are the risks involved with asbestos?

      Exposure to asbestos fibres has been proven to cause various health issues such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestos and pleural thickening. This is why understanding what materials in your property contain asbestos is so important. Before starting any renovations on your property consider testing any suspect materials or have a full asbestos survey carried out.
      Our asbestos test kits provide sufficient PPE to ensure you're protected when taking a sample. Analysis is carried out at an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

      How Many Samples Do I Need?

      In order to choose the right kit for your needs you'll need to know how many surfaces / materials you're wanting to test. 

      You will require 1 sample per surface to be tested. For example if you would like to test a bedroom ceiling, bedroom wall and bathroom flooring, you would require 3 samples.

      Each kit is designed to be used at one property with all samples sent back at the same time. If you plan on taking samples from different properties or at different times then you will need a separate kit for each occasion/property.

      If you're still unsure then why not get in touch with our team by heading to the contact us page.

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