What is an Asbestos Self Testing Kit?

An asbestos self-testing kit is a product that contains gloves, a special filtration, personal protective equipment, sample bags, anti-bacterial wipes and simple instructions for taking samples at home or in any other building.

Asbestos self-testing kit by Asbestos Sampling

The kit provided by Asbestos Sampling contains everything required so that samples can be taken without causing damage to your health.

Here we break down what you will receive:

  • Step by step instructions to take you through the procedure for taking samples from start to finish
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) which has been approved by the Health & Safety Executive. The hooded CAT 5/6 coverall is made from fabric that is anti-static, soft and breathable. It’s ideal for protecting you from asbestos fibres.
  • P3 Filtered Mask which is specifically designed to protect you from breathing in the finest dust.
  • Powder free Nitrile Gloves made from synthetic rubber to prevent asbestos fibres from contaminating your hands
  • Anti-bacterial wipes to moisten your PPE before taking it off and disposing of it in the bag provided. The wipes prevent any more fibres being released from the PPE.
  • Two high grade asbestos bags, the red to place your PPE and samples in and the clear to place the first bag in. Regulations dictate that asbestos waste must be double bagged.
  • Prepaid delivery for you to return the bag to our laboratory which is UKAS approved.

When do I get the results?

You will ordinarily receive results via your mobile phone or email within 24 hours of our laboratory receiving the samples.

Check out our video below to see how simple the process is.


What happens if the results test positive for asbestos?

If it is confirmed that you have asbestos in your home don’t panic as you have options. If the asbestos is not broken or damaged in any way, you can ignore it or seal the area. However,  if it is crumbling or in bad condition you’ll need to arrange for its removal quickly.  The process of removal should only be undertaken by a specialist, asbestos abatement company. You can look for a licensed, local firm on the internet or call Asbestos Sampling and we will consult our database.

Why you need an asbestos self-testing kit

If you suspect there is asbestos anywhere in your home, an asbestos testing kit will allow you to find out rapidly.  If your home is more than 17 years old you can almost guarantee there will be asbestos somewhere.  Maybe it's contained within decorative plaster such as Artex or insulating your pipes. It could be in ceiling, wall or insulation panels. It may even be in the ironing board you inherited from your grandmother!  Best to test and be safe!

If you are in any doubt that you need to test, watch this enlightening video:


For more information feel free to contact us at any time. Our staff are friendly and helpful and will be happy to share their knowledge with you.