Knowledge, Awareness and a Test for Asbestos saves Lives

At Asbestos Sampling our role is not only to provide a safe method to test for asbestos but also to spread awareness.

It’s a fact that this lethal material has left behind it an unparalleled legacy of death and illness globally. However, Britain has been particularly hard hit with around 5,000 deaths annually. Tradespeople who have died are mainly, but not exclusively, those who have worked in the electrical, construction, insulation and plumbing industries.

Beware Asbestos Campaign app

In 2014 the Health & Safety Executive created an application and launched a “Beware Asbestos Campaign”.  Its purpose was to allow easy access to information so that a wider understanding and awareness of the dangers were available to the public. Specifically the HSE wanted tradespeople to be aware of the safety rules and regulations associated with handling the material. Additionally, it sought to educate people about the types of work that could lead to exposure and the necessary precautions they should take before starting such tasks.

Initially there was much criticism of the app with pundits asserting that it didn’t provide sufficient information. However, three years on the campaign has been a success with widespread appeal and access to the app.

It was never the intention of the campaign to bombard people with so much information that it became confusing.  It seeks to provide simple, easily understood data to encourage tradespeople to protect themselves. In consequence this will assist in bringing down the number of deaths from asbestos related diseases.  Click on HSE Beware Asbestos to download the app.

Knowledge is power

From our own point of view anything that helps people to understand the dangers of asbestos has to be a good thing.  Taking appropriate safety measures in dealing with it and knowing how to saves lives.

Asbestos is not only found in industrial environments. Any home built before 2000 in the UK is likely to contain some asbestos.  As DIY has become so popular over the past decade, it’s essential that you test for asbestos before you start any job in an older property.

The main things to look out for are old floor tiles, insulation boards, lagging on tanks, Artex type plaster, guttering and roofing. None of these things pose much of a risk unless they are broken, damaged or disturbed.  As soon as they are, there is danger of asbestos fibres becoming airborne and therefore a potentially lethal risk to your health.

Test for asbestos

Our asbestos testing kit contains everything you require to safely take samples of suspected material. Send them back to our UKAS accredited lab and we will give you the results within 24/48 hours of receipt. The kit is not expensive and you should perhaps view it as prevention against asbestos related diseases. Your health is precious and we intend to keep it that way.

For more information on how the kit works check out our video below or contact us to discuss your particular concerns.