Christmas Construction Gifts for Builders and DIYers

If you’ve got a builder or DIYer in your life it can be difficult to find gifts for them.  Christmas construction gifts need to be chosen carefully.

Unless you know a little about construction, it may be that your gift to a builder may end up being given to someone else. It may sit in the garage or shed gathering dust if they can’t use it. So here are some great ideas for construction gifts.

For the ardent DIY enthusiast

Some DIYers are naturally talented, others not so much.  If you feel your DIYer could use a little help, home renovation videos will provide a lot of assistance.  Even for an experienced DIYer these instructive videos present amazing ideas that he or she may not have thought about.  Amazon has a great range of informative DVDs for home re-modellers easy instruction on how to get the job done properly.

Christmas construction gifts that save lives

Working on buildings that were built before 1999 in the UK is hazardous.  Most contain asbestos in one form or another.  It can be found in and around fireplaces, on lagging around boilers and pipes and even within the textured coatings on ceilings.  Insulation and wall boards are highly likely to be made from asbestos containing materials.  When you consider that a drawing pin can release 600 fibres into the air, imagine the danger of driving a nail through a wall board!

Asbestos related diseases may not surface until decades after exposure by which time it is almost certainly a death knoll.

Before tackling any job in an older property it is imperative to test for this deadly mineral. Asbestos testing kits are inexpensive and save lives.  Contain everything required to safely take samples, the result can come back within 24 hours.  Help protect your builder or DIYer this year by giving them an inexpensive asbestos testing kit.  The kit comes with complete step by step  instructions as to how to use it.

For the builder with a sweet tooth

As a stocking filler a chocolate tool box kit from Treasure Island Sweets is an excellent gift for a builder with a sweet tooth. It’s also great for children who aspire to follow in their parent’s footsteps!  Make sure they don’t overdo it though; eating a whole spanner might make them sick!

Construction gifts that last

Tool belts made from anything but leather tend to fall apart with constant use.  Leather tool belts from Rutlands are a good buy.  Made from the finest quality leather they’ll possibly last a lifetime. Wearing the belt saves the avid DIY enthusiast or builder going up a ladder and finding they haven’t got the right tool!

Brick and trowel cufflinks

A builder who takes pride in is appearance when surveying a job is likely to take pride in the work too.  Brick and trowel cufflinks are novelties but certainly a “dress to impress” feature.  Available on Ebay at less than £25, they are bound to delight any builder.

Knowing the builder makes buying Christmas construction gifts easier.  For example, if they work for a construction company it’s highly likely their tools are supplied.  In this case you should go for a more personalised gift.  However, if they are self-employed spare tools are always welcome.

It may be that you just want to thank your builder for doing an excellent job. Any of the above gifts will be appreciated because no matter how much they cost, it shows you have put some thought into it.