FAQ: Do ToolStation Sell An Asbestos Testing Kit?

Unfortunately, Tool Station do not offer our asbestos testing kits for sale on their website or in-store, they are only available through our official online store. 

Asbestos Testing Kits from only £49.95

Our asbestos testing kits provide you with a quick and easy way to send off a sample of suspect material to be tested for asbestos. Our full kits come with PPE, Postage & 24hr Lab Fee Included. You will receive a UKAS certificate of results

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Our kits are designed to enable customers to quickly, safely and easily take a small sample of suspect material and send it off to our UKAS-accredited laboratory for testing. When the sample arrives with the lab it's processed by one of the lab analysts within 24 hours (Unless you opt for FastTrack, in which case it's processed the same day). Results are sent via email along with an official certificate.

Our full kit contains everything you need including 

- Quality PPE

- Easy-To-Follow Instruction Guide

- Pre-paid return postage

- Sample Bags

We hope Tool Station and other retailers such as B&Q & Screwfix decide to stock our kits in the future to give customers a convenient way of picking up their sample kit when on the road. In the meantime though we welcome you to order online with next day delivery.