Asbestos Surveys & Sampling In Sheffield 

Prior to the turn of the century, asbestos was banned in the UK. This was because exposure to it was found to cause lung cancer and other harmful conditions. Even years later, the substance still exists within many buildings. Especially those designed before the 1990s, requiring trained professionals to come and extract it.

Unfortunately, when much of the industrial development in Sheffield took place, asbestos was widely used at the same time. In other words, the city is still likely to contain significant quantities of asbestos, and the buildings containing it are aging with many due repairs. 

We know this because it has been the case in other major northern cities, such as Leeds and Manchester. The good news is we can help you identify and remove asbestos before it causes your family or employees any harm.

Sheffield has a difficult history of dealing with asbestos. The substance caused controversy in the city only recently after a council worker came into contact with some in a home they were visiting. The city’s asbestos problem has also promoted Sheffield University to open it’s a research centre into the cancer that’s known to be caused by asbestos. They hope this will help in the battle against the substance. 

More and more buildings in Sheffield are reporting instances of asbestos. This is because many buildings in the city are deteriorating with age and now need modification to be up to standard. As the buildings get older, asbestos can become exposed once renovation work begins - and once it does, so does the risk it poses. When left undisturbed, asbestos is relatively safe. This is because it stays hidden within the masonry, concealed and enclosed.

But if work starts before it is identified, then this can create issues for those in close proximity to it. It is for this reason that asbestos needs to be located before any work begins.

Once detected, it can then be removed, allowing work to go ahead safely. You can analyse materials suspected of containing asbestos by using one of our testing kits, giving you a better picture of where it is in your building.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos consists of a collection of minerals containing a small group of microscopic fibres - fibres that can cause chronic respiratory damage if inhaled. Asbestos was commonly used in construction projects throughout the UK during the last century, including large industrial cities such as Sheffield.

The 'magic material' was, as it was called, was mixed into cement, flooring, roofing, and wall materials. Asbestos was considered to be so useful that it was over-used in tremendously large quantities by building firms.

This is why it still remains in significant volumes today and before significant building or renovation projects begin, it needs to be removed. Testing or surveys need to be carried out to confirm whether there is any asbestos present. That's why our testing kits are so useful.

Why is asbestos so unsafe?

Asbestos that is inhaled can be dangerous, even fatal. Microscopic fibres can potentially cause lung cancer and other debilitating respiratory illnesses. These develop over time as the symptoms do not usually reveal themselves for several years.

Asbestos that stays concealed is not usually a hazard, but when buildings pass from owner to owner, they eventually become subject to renovation. This is why it is vital to take steps to ensure it can be removed safely. 

Generally, blue-collar workers are most at risk. Since they often are put in conditions that expose them to asbestos. However, these fibres will impact anyone who gets too close.

How do I protect against asbestos?

The removal of asbestos requires confirmation of its existence first. This is what are Asbestos-Sampling test kits are designed to do.

You can learn more about the process by viewing this video. We need just a small sample, so there is no need to gather too much material. We would recommend that it should be the size of a small coin.

Your sample will hopefully be sent to our testing laboratory on the day it arrives.

Once you send your sample back to us for review, we'll test it for traces of asbestos. Then we'll inform you of the results. 

Specific instructions and PPE are provided with our kits, which are certified by industry authorities. However, if you are unsure, we will not leave you to do it alone. We can help you by telephone walk you through the process. 

If asbestos is detected, you can have it removed through a third-party. We can also help you arrange this. 

Conducting a survey on asbestos

A full asbestos survey could be a safer choice if you are uncertain that asbestos exists in your building. This helps to confirm if there is any, and if so, this should confirm where. It is also much more comprehensive than a test kit, which is only intended to test a specific area.

We do not perform surveys ourselves, but we can advise who can by recommending a local organisation. After a thorough inspection, you'll then know where any asbestos may be located.

You will find what you need to know from the survey. But if you already believe that there is asbestos in your home, you can order one of our test kits today

We will help you detect whether or not asbestos is present - and how it can be safely removed.