Asbestos Testing & Surveys In Edinburgh

If you suspect you have asbestos in your property and require an asbestos testing service then click here to request a quote for a local asbestos surveyor from Edinburgh, Scotland to come and take samples at your property.

Alternatively you can use one of our Asbestos Testing Kits which offer a rapid turnaround at a low price. Simply take your samples and send them to our UKAS accredited lab, one of our consultants at the lab will then send over your results within 24hrs.

Testing suspect materials for asbestos content is a crucial step to take when conducting DIY construction works. It is the best preventative measure to prevent accidental asbestos exposure. With our asbestos testing service operating nationwide, whether you live in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Devon we can get a sampling kit to your door within 24hrs.

Asbestos In Edinburgh

Asbestos being tested in edinburgh

Like all big cities in the UK, Edinburgh has a particular problem with asbestos. But work is underway to fix this problem. But the city is not alone, all major UK cities face a similar problem, especially those which have ageing buildings. 

With age and deterioration, buildings inevitably need to be repaired. Once work starts, asbestos may become exposed. If it wasn't detected before this happens, then it can pose a danger to anyone nearby. That includes the people hired to complete the renovations.  

Asbestos is relatively safe when left undisturbed. This is because it remains hidden within the structure - essentially entombed behind the plaster and brickwork. But when exposed to the air, those in the vicinity become at risk. Therefore, asbestos needs to be identified and dealt with before this happens.

When it is, it can then be securely removed by the experts who know how. By using our test kits, you can determine which products contain trace amounts of asbestos. These can be ordered from us and used safely to verify the existence of asbestos in your building. 

We offer a range of asbestos services including consulting and project managing on asbestos removal in properties, asbestos testing services & more. Our UKAS accredited lab can test samples from your property the same day we receive them. Whether you're based in Edinburgh, Glasgow or any other town in Scotland simply post your samples to our laboratory using our pre-paid returns service. Our team will take care of the rest.

Conducting An Asbestos Survey In Scotland

If you're unsure of the presence of asbestos in the building, then a complete survey could be a better alternative. This inspection helps confirm whether there is any asbestos and where it is likely to be found in the building. It is also much more detailed than a test kit, which is only intended to test a particular area.

We do not administer the survey ourselves; however, we can provide instructions as to who can. Or recommend a local business to organise one for you. You would then know, after a thorough survey, where any asbestos may be located.

An asbestos surveyor will inspect the property and take samples of any suspect ACMs (asbestos containing materials). These samples will then be taken to a UKAS accredited lab for analysis. 

After the survey, you'll know everything you need. But if you believe asbestos may exist in your building and have a good idea where you can order one of our Asbestos Test Kits and carry out the sampling yourself.

We can help you detect whether asbestos is there or not - and how it can be removed safely, holding your hand every step of the way through the process.

If asbestos has been identified the next step is to have the asbestos removal by a licensed asbestos contractor, view list of verified contractors in Edinburgh

If you are an employer you may be required by health & safety regulations to have an asbestos survey and management plan carried out of the premises which you operate in, in order to be compliant.

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We cover the whole of Edinburgh and surrounding areas including postcodes EH1 through to EH30. If you live on the outskirts of Edinburgh and are unsure if we cover your area please contact our team.

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