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Where to Find Asbestos in the Home

Asbestos was widely used in home construction from 1930 to around 2000, particularly from 1960 onward. You may be wondering where to find asbestos in the home. Houses/flats built around this time may contain asbestos materials. Properties built since the mid 80’s are unlikely to have asbestos in the fabric of the building and from 1990 extremely unlikely.

Asbestos was outlawed in the UK in 1999

Below are some common places where asbestos can be found in the home. If in doubt get it tested!


A - Asbestos cement water tank
B - Pipe Lagging
C - Loose fill insulation
D - *Textured decorative coating (Artex)
E - *AIB ceiling tiles
F - AIB bath panels
G - Toilet seat andcistern
H - AIB Fuse box
I - AIB airing cupboard and/or sprayed insulation coating boiler
J - AIB partition wall
K - AIB interior window panel
L - AIB around boiler
M - Vinyl floor tiles
N - AIB behind fire


O - Gutters and asbestos downpipes
P - Soffits - AIB or asbestos cement
Q - AIB exterior window panel
R - Asbestos cement roof
S - Asbestos cement panels T-Roofing felt

* AIB = Asbestos Insulation Board

It's not easy to distinguish asbestos insulation board from other types of board used in construction.  If you have partition walls, ceiling tiles, soffits or any other area with boarding it really makes sense to buy an asbestos testing kit. It's always better to be safe rather than sorry! And remember the golden rule - test it before you touch it. It might delay your project by a few days but what price would you put on preserving your health?


Artex was a very popular textured coating during the 70s and 80s. Do you remember all those swirly patterns and the popcorn effect?  Homeowners loved the fashionable, decorative look and it was both durable and inexpensive.

Its sound proofing and heat resistant properties also led to the material being widely used in both residential and commercial buildings en masse. These excellent qualities were not least due to the fact that Artex and similar textured coatings contained asbestos.

Disturbing the asbestos in Artex

If you have Artex on your walls or ceilings it isn’t the end of the world if it is in excellent condition, unless you disturb the asbestos in it.  Demolishing walls, drilling a hole in a wall or ceiling, removing ceiling or wall boards and re-plastering are just some of the ways lethal fibres can escape into the air. Like insulation boards, there is no way of knowing whether the textured coatings in your property contain asbestos without testing.

An asbestos testing kit will alleviate any concerns you may have.

Where to find asbestos in the home and how to test it

If you would like more information about where to find asbestos in the home or the testing of it, check out our video below.


Alternatively contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific problem and advise you accordingly.